momopixi (momopixi) wrote in loli_scrappers,

My Loli-esque Papers!

Hahaha, I just bought 'em today in a fit of inspiration ^_^ Hopefully someday soon I will own a camera, and therefor get some use out of them...Sorry dial-up users. It's really image-heavy, but I still love you I swear!
The Front Cover

"Bake Sale Plaid" Maybe not loli, but really cute!

"Cupcake Shop" I think this one is my very fave!

"Glitter Cupcakes" Which comes with both a pink and a pale blue bg. Very cute!

"Glitter Bakery" I really wish the stock photo did justice to this. There is so much going on here.... Glitter, and a whole bunch of patterns and textures, it is really incredibly cute.

"Glitter Chocolate Frosting" Need I say more?

"Glitter Fruit Swirls"

"Glitter Lollipop Shop" I may have lied, this might be my favorite....

"Glitter Neopolitan"

"Glitter Pink Frosting"

"Glitter Strawberry"

"Jelly Bean"

"Key Lime" Again, so much going on that you just can't see....

"Picnic Basket"

And "Raspberry Swirl"

Lol, I am really happy with this purchase... 2 sheets of each design, and for only $6!!

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