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because I think this should be asked XDD

so sorry if it's a dumb question

but... what exactly is a scrapbook?  I really love all the scrapbook stuff at craft stores, but I don't know what to do with it...

is it like a photo album that you add stickers to?  or is it more like a diary you add fancy paper and photos to?  I want to buy some of the scrapbooking papers, but I'm not sure how to start a scrapbook...  could I just 3 hold punch the paper and put it in a binder to stick photos on?  or is the paper supposed to be mounted onto like a book or something and I should get a notebook or composition book first?  maybe it's kind of like the Amelia books where she writes like a diary, but draws a lot of pictures and tapes down things like stamps and little presents and photos of things that happen?  (does everyone know what the Amelia notebooks series is?)

haha that's like a paragraph of questions X3  but thanks in advance for any help!  because I need yet another thing to waste all my money on <3
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